Why make Lillooet home?  First and perhaps most obvious is the remarkable climate.  Nestled in the rain shadow of the magnificent Coast Mountains, Lillooet enjoys a beautiful dry and sunny climate.  Summers are hot – very hot!  Winters crisp, but with relatively little snowfall and still plenty of sunshine and blue skies.

The scenery is of course spectacular, the mighty Fraser River cuts through the town boundary and the serene 24 km long Seton Lake is only a few minutes away. Being two hours from every nearest larger centre (Whistler, Kamloops, Hope and Merritt), Lillooet is very well provided for in terms of essential amenities.  Yes, it’s a small town with a real easygoing small town feel and welcoming atmosphere, but it also benefits from a full service hospital with care from obstetrics, emergency room, minor operations through to palliative care.  There is a well staffed medical clinic, dental clinic, wellness centre and chiropractor too!

Recreation is plentiful.  There is the great outdoors of course, but also a recreation centre with arena,  indoor pool, climbing wall and fitness centre;  also an impressive range of local activities and educational opportunities is available.  And more are welcome!

With the opening of the increasingly prestigious and award winning Fort Berens Winery, along with developing agricultural enterprises,  the character of this former forestry town is changing visibly.  The potential for further development in agriculture and tourism is obvious and inevitable, but the opportunities are not limited even to these significant developments.  Local first nations in particular are enthusiastically embracing the opportunities their territories offer as well as engaging in significant investment in the community in general.  All in all, this is a small town and territory with big dreams!


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